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Royal Mantel and Furniture Company
Royal Mantel & Furniture Company, 1901 Harrison Avenue. Established in 1892 by C. Lind, J. P. Lundell, D. R. Peterson. Royal Mantel manufactured medium or high grade dining room and library furniture in oak and mahogany. By 1918 the company focused on dining room furniture exclusively. The company would move to Kishwaukee Street and Twenty Third Avenue in 1929.  On July 6, 1938, the Royal Mantel and Furniture Company was dissolved.
Royal Mantel & Furniture Ad - 1921. Note: We Do Not Make Mantels.
Climax Slide and Center Table Company
Climax Slide and Center Table Company, originally known as the Webber Manufacturing Company. Founded by B.A. Knight and.E.R. Lahman in 1891. They manufactured extension table slides and center tables. 
Illinois Chair Company
Illinois Chair Company, organized in 1891 by R. W. McCullock and George E. Knight. Manufactured a fine line of chairs. No further information on this company and was probably a victim of the financial collapse that occured in March of 1893.
Co-Operative Furniture Company, located at the corner of Ninth Street at Railroad Avenue. The company was organized in 1879 by P. A. Peterson and C. A. Hult and C. E. Knudson. They manufactured a line of combination and cylinder book-cases, sideboards, tables and office desks in the 80,000 square foot plant. Later officers of the company were  Alf Larson, C. E. Jacobson and C. J. Lundberg.  After fifty seven years of manufacturing furniture in Rockford, the Co-Operative Furniture Company was destroyed by fire.
Rockford Co-Op Furniture Company
West End Furniture Company
West End Furniture Company, 2314 Preston Street at Johnston Avenue. Preston Street was originally named "Factory Street") Organized July 7, 1890 by B. A. Knight, C. W. Haegg and Paul Schuster. They manufactured book-cases, side-boards, buffets, hall trees, folding beds, tables and chiffoniers. The company would shut it's doors in 1941.
Illinois Cabinet Company
Illinois Cabinet Company, 2525 Eleventh Street. Organized in 1906 by John P. Lundell and Knut E. Knutsson.  It was later purchased by General Electric Company. The factory building was a large and commodious structure covering 250,00 square feet of space. Here they manufactured wooden radio cabinets, bases and tables, and later on television cabinets. Ronald Reagan would visit the plant on October 18, 1955, Reagan was host, and dramatic star on the  General Electric Theater television series, and was visiting each of General Electric's 300 plants at the time as part of a goodwill tour for fundraising and to promote the television series. The lobby of the Illinois Cabinet plant of General Electric was jammed with Community Chest officials and press and radio representatives when he arrived.  Reagan, who was an actor, would later become a state governor and later, President of the United States. The cabinet company would continue in operation until 1973 when cheaper foreign imports would spell the end for the company. The building is still there on Eleventh Street just north of Harrison Avenue.
Skandia Furniture Company
Skandia Furniture Company,  1202 North Second Street. Founded in 1889, they constructed a two block long riverfront factory, once ranked as the largest furniture maker in Rockford.  Skandia specialized in dining room suites and library pieces, including  cylinder desks, hall trees, secretaries and bookcases. Skandia,  was in business in Rockford until 1941. It was purchased by Superior Sleeprite of Chicago in 1942, which went out of business in 1949.
Skandia Furniture Company Postcard
Skandia Ad 1916
Skandia Ad 1918
Skandia Ad 1919
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Rockford Chair and Furniture Company
Rockford Chair and Furniture Company, 920 Ninth Street at Railroad Avenue. Organized in 1882. by P.A. Peterson, Alexander Johnson, and Aug Peterson. They engaged in the manufacture of furniture such as bookcases, desks and other fine furniture. On September 14, 1928, a tornado demolished the Rockford Chair & Furniture Company Factory B. They would rebuild and continue in business until 1950 when they discontinued the manufacture of furniture. From 1950 until its properties were sold to Rockford Standard Furniture in 1972, Rockford Chair and Furniture was engaged entirely in the rental business. Its rental properties consisted of six buildings, the largest of which was completely destroyed by fire in 1960. Rockford Chair was one of the largest and oldest of the city's furniture manufacturers major industry in Rockford from the Civil War to mid-twentieth century. It was also one of the last to cease operations in 1973.
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