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Rockford World Furniture Company
Excelsior Furniture Company
Illinois School Furniture Company
Rockford Mantel and Furniture Company
Rockford World Furniture Company,  2400 Eleventh Street at Twenty Third Avenue. Established in 1915 by Otto Grantz,  Albert Lawson, E.W. Swenson and C. J. Lundberg. They manufactured high grade dining room chairs and tables. The building itself was a departure from the usual factory building having a fancy brick front and spacious landscaped lawn space. The company would expand the building several times over the course of it's history. The company was one of the first to install wheels on the bottom of table legs on some of their models, which became a popular and useful tool. Rockford World Furniture Company would be dissolved in 1934. The building is still in existence.
Star Furniture Company, Eighteenth Avenue and Fourteenth Street. Organized in 1889 by F.G. Hogland, Anthony Stenholm, August P. Floberg. Manufactured combination book and library cases and hall trees. On March 25, 1890 during the construction of the new Star Furniture factory there  was a very high wind that morning and the windows not being installed yet the building collapsed. The building was four stories high and the roof had  just been put on. It was a frame building and was to have been veneered over with brick. Twenty men at work on the  structure barely escaped with their lives and some blamed the collapse on faulty workmanship.  I could find no information when Star ceased operations.
Star Furniture Company
Mechanics Furniture Company
Mechanics Furniture Company, 1100 Seminary Street. Organized 1890 by L. M. Noling, John Ek, Jonas Peters and A. P. Floberg. Manufactured desks, secretaries, cabinets, highboys and dining room furniture. Mechanics would close in 1934.
Rockford Republic Furniture Company
Rockford Republic Furniture Company, 1345 22nd Avenue. Organized by G. A. Anderson, G. H. Peterson and H. J. Stark in 1933. The factory contains over 100,000 square feet of floor space in which is manufactured Medium and High Grade dining rooms suites in genuine mahogany and genuine walnut. They also produce novelty furniture and sewing machine cabinets. The company has modern motor driven machines in all departments and they manufacture their own electricity to run the plant. They would remain in business until 1974.
Weiman Furniture Company
Weiman Furniture Company, 2578 Eleventh Street, 1940. The Weiman Company moving here in 1935 from Chicago, leased the old Rockford Union Furniture company building until 1940 when they built the new, large modern plant above. The manufactured Weiman "Heirloom Quality" Occasional Furniture. They would remain in business in Rockford until 1968.
Rockford Desk and Furniture Company
Rockford National Furniture Company
Rockford National Furniture Company, 2400 Kishwaukee Street. Establlished in 1907 by C.F. Johnson, President; P.H. Palmer, Vice President; August P. Peterson, Secretary and G. Adolph Peterson as Treasurer.   This building is still in existence at the corner of Kishwaukee Street and 23rd Avenue and the name can still be seen on the facade even though the company closed in 1970.
Diamond Furniture Company
Diamond Furniture Company, Formed in March, 1890, by  A. F. Judd, President; Robert Bauch, Vice President;  and Fred A. Dow, Secretary and Treasurer. They manufactured patent office chairs and other similar furniture. Closed in 1892.
Illinois School Furniture Company, 1519 Morgan Street. Organized by W. O. Jones who purchased the plant of the Standard Woodworking Company in February 1912.  W. O. Jones - President, H. W. Williams - Vice President,  C. F. Bollman, Treasurer  and T. C. Jacobson, - Secretary. They manufactured a full line of school furniture and in 1915 they added a line of office furniture. In 1920 this factory would be taken over by the Blackhawk Furniture Company.
Excelsior Furniture Company, established in 1881 by J.P. Anderson, President;  J.A. Johnson, Vice President;  O.A. Harding, Secretary and August P. Floberg, Treasurer. They were manufactures of Parlor Furniture for the wholesale trade. Closed in 1892.
Rockford Mantel and Furniture Company, Eighteenth Avenue and Fourteenth Street. Organized in 1890.
Rockford Desk and Furniture Company, 1102 North Second Street.
Superior Mirror Company
Superior Mirror Company, Seventh Street at Twenty Third Avenue. Incorporated in 1910 by  E. A. Clark - President,  P. O. Ugarph - Vice President and  M. L. Kellstrom as Secretary and Treasurer. Manufactured plain and beveled mirrors, plate glass and glass specialties and glass tops for tables, buffets and dressers - many supplied to the local furniture manufacturers of the time. As the automobile trade escalated they also began the manufacture of auto windshields, which were regarded as some of the best produced, to the automobile manufacturers. 
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