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Research can become addictive. It can also be frustrating. You may exhaust every source possible and still not find the answers to your questions. But no matter how many questions remain unanswered, you will have unearthed some interesting information, learned a little more about your community, and become familiar with some important history of Rockford past..........welcome to
Feel free to participate in our forum, view Rockford as it appeared in 1880 in our map section,  visit our puzzle pages and put together our Ashton Building or a view of North Main looking south towards the Coronado Theater jigsaw puzzles. Find out what was made in Rockford over the years or the people of interest who made it all possible. Or just browse through the different galleries and find information on industry, entertainment, dining, lodging and so much more and with so much more to be added soon.
On the website you will find vintage pictures, postcards, advertising and history of Rockford past. We hope that it will enlighten you as well as educate you. What we have available on the site at present is just a small sampling of what is yet to appear, you will find some exclusive items here that you will not find anywhere else.  We will be adding more items in the coming weeks and months ahead. We hope you will bookmark us and keep returning to and see what is new.
If you like what you see please consider making a donation to continue to keep this site alive and online, and an occasional cup of coffee for the webmaster for his hard work. We can not do this without your particapation. Thank you - Doug
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