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Aubrey T. Barnes, 1701 National Avenue. First Vice president and manager W. F. & John Barnes Company.

Christian F. Henry, 112 Glen Road. Downtown retailer C. F. Henry Store, State and Main Streets had this enduring house built along the Rock River in 1906.

Department store magnate D. J. Stewart lived in this residence with his family at 707 North Church Street.

Chandler Starr was connected with several Rockford Industries and civic organizations. In 1906 Chandler Starr had a new residence built on the very top of Blaisdell Hill on North Church Street. It was said to have a view for ten miles in any direction. On October 4, 1884, Mrs. Chandler Starr entertained her first group of Rockford music lovers at her home on North Main Street. From that day on the group would meet every week and soon people offered to pay to join the group. The Mendelssohn in Rockford has been synonymous with the performance of quality music. Today the Mendelssohn Performing Arts Center has the distinction of being the oldest, continuous community music organization in the United States.

Walter B. Helm, 740 North Church Street. Helm was a  physician and surgeon with offices at 506-507 William Brown Building, 226 South Main Street,  His Office hours were 11 a m to 12 p m, 2:30 to 4 p. m., and 7:30 to 8:30 p m,

The Ralph Emerson home was located at 427 North Church Street. Built in 1855 by Emerson's cousin, Reverend Joesph Emerson. Purchased by Ralph Emerson in 1858, expanding the once modest residence to accommodate his growing family. It eventually turned into a 30 room mansion. Emerson was a Rockford industrialist best known for his connection to the Emerson Brantingham Agricultural Implement Company.

John D. Waterman, 734 North Church Street. President  of Forest City National Bank, and Rockford Star Printing Company

George N. Holt, 509 North Church Street. Holt  was City Editor of the Rockford Morning Star, later studied law and became an attorney and music teacher.

Knut E. Knutson, 1136 North Church Street. Proprietor Rockford Illustrating Company, Vice President National Engine Works

Levi Armstrong, 975 North Church. Proprietor Armstrong's Clothing store located at 315-317 West State Street.

Captain  Lewis F. Lake, 229 North Church Street.  Clerk of the circuit court and recorder of Winnebago County.

Elijah W. Blaisdell, 1240 North Church Street. Owned the Rockford Forum newspaper, which he published for ten years. Changing the name to the Rockford Republican, he again resumed editorial work. It is a matter of history that the Rockford Republican was the first paper to suggest the name of Lincoln for president. He was elected a member of the Illinois legislature in 1859. Having accomplished his desires at Springfield he refused a renomination and disposed of his paper, which then became known as the Register, and later the Rockford Register-Gazette. Blaisdell then took up the study of law and became a lawyer.

Edward B. Sumner, 616 North Church Street. Sumner was elected city attorney in 1879, and to the lower house of the state legislature in 1880 and re-elected in 1882. He was elected to the state senate in 1884 and served four years. He filled the office of Vice- President of the Rockford Forest City Bank for some time.

M. A. Beale, 719 North Court Street. Manager Rockford Edison Company

Levi Rhoades, 630 North Court Street

Hosmer C. Porter, 731 North Court Street. Secretary and treasurer John R. Porter & Company.

Dr. H. G. Pyle, North Court Street.

Arthur H. Frost, 712 North Court Street. Judge of the Circuit Court, lawyer, office 330 West State.

Albert S. Green, 806 North Court Street. Physician with Dr's. Green & Frost, office 310-313 William Brown Building.

Edgar E. Bartlett, 805 North Court Street. President and Treasurer Rockford Register Gazette and Business manager Register Gazette

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