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Rockford Residences

Gallery 3

William F. Barnes, 813 North Main Street. President W. F. & John Barnes Company, Vice President Manufacturers National Bank, Vice President Interstate Steel Company.

John S. Barnes, 721 North Main Street. Secretary treasurer of W. F. & John Barnes Company

The William Nelson Mansion, 737 North Main Street  was built in 1850 with 18 inch thick stone walls with ten well proportioned and spacious rooms and the windowed cupola represented the acme of style in the era it was erected. In 1936 Mr. and Mrs. Harry Burpee purchased the William Nelson mansion and offered the use of it to the Rockford Art Association. A Museum of Natural History was also in the same building. Today the remodeled building still houses the Burpee Museum of Natural History. On an interesting note, there was quite an uproar when Burpee first purchased the building and people thought it would become a funeral home. Burpee's occupation was that of a mortician.

Roland H. Shumway, Jr., 512 North Main Street. with R. H. Shumway Seeds.

Walter A. Forbes, 633 North Main Street. President of Rockford Malleable Iron Works, later known as Gunite Corporation.

Andrew T. Golly 318 North Main Street. Local station agent for the Chicago & Northwestern Railway for twenty five years.

Ante S. Ruhl, 831 North Main Street. Secretary and treasurer Nelson Knitting Company.

George L. Woodruff, 1008 North Main Street. Went into the lumber trade in Rockford with his father, Later on his own as George L Woodruff Company. When he left Rockford to head west, the lumber yard was bought by Parson's Lumber Company.

Henry B. Dickinson, 963 North Main Street

Rosetta Love Residence, 913 North Main Street. Widow of Malcom Love

Mrs. Julia P. Warren, 711 North Main Street. Widow Moses Warren

Another view of the Warren residence, 711 North Main Street

John V. Petritz, 955 North Main Street. Petritz was president of the Rockford Brewing Company

John Barbour, 604 North Main Street. Operated a dry goods store on South Main Street for many years.

Henry W. Price Mansion, 607 North Main Street. Glove and Mitten manufacturer

Charles W. Brown, 819 North Main Street. Director D. J. Stewart & Company.

C. Albin Nelson,1020 North Main Street, President Rockford National Bank

Duncan P. Forbes, 945 North Main Street. Gunite Corporation. The house now houses Rockford's University Club.

Jane M. Snow, 706 North Main Street

Dr. William Fitch, 849 North Main Street and George O. Forbes, 849 North Main Street. The Fitch home was demolished around 1961 to make way for the western approach to the Whitman Street Bridge. The Forbes home was demolished in 2016.

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