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The Rockford area had many unique and inspiring houses dot its landscape over the years both large and small, some rather simple and some with every modern convenience known to man at the time of construction. In this section you will find a variety of some of those residences and in most cases the name of the original owner. Some are still in existence while others were demolished to make way for other projects, some burned to the ground or just fell into general disrepair until they were no longer inhabitable for humans. Some of the houses sheltered many different families over the years, if only the walls could talk what a story they would tell.

Residence of R. S. Sanborn in East Rockford located on East State Street across from Summit Street circa 1871. In 1899 Saint Anthony hospital purchased the Schmauss Mansion, which was next door to the Sanborn house for use as a hospital. By looking over some early St. Anthony Hospital postcards in our collection it appears that R. S. Sanborn's house was still standing next door to the Schmauss Mansion at that time. By 1905 the Sanborn home was gone as the hospital expanded. Today this would be about where the East State entrance to Swedish American Hospital is located.

Residence of William Palmer, Proprietor of Spring Brook Dairy, Guilford Township. In 1871 your ancestors may have had their milk delivered by one of the Spring Brook Dairy wagons.

The farm residence of J. P. Jones in Cherry Valley Township. The front of the property has a fancy wrought iron fence with concrete posts lining the lane, a well dressed lady with an umbrella is out in the yard, maybe she plans on using the umbrella near the fountain to her left. The gate is open, maybe the gentleman with the two horse drawn carriage is coming to visit ? The Western Mill wind mill is blowing in the wind. circa 1871.

Residence of H. A. Latham, of Latham Village, also referred to as Latham Park, which at one time was located in Owen Township. Mr Latham was once the Sheriff of Winnebago County. Check out the peacocks in the yard, cows in the pasture and carriage with horses. circa 1891.

Residence of John C. Chappell, Rockford Township, Winnebago County, Illinois - 1886

Hon. Wait Talcott, 839 North Main Street

Major Elias Cosper, former banker and war hero, had this house built between 1867-1869. The house was built in the Victorian Gothic style at 1121 Cosper Place, the street named after him. Cosper named it "Oak Knollls".

This residence was built about 1901 by  A. G. Parmele at 1632 Harlem Boulevard by the Rockford insurance man who had offices in the Brown Building. The house is notable for its neo - classic design and much leaded, stained glass. Glass of various designs and color is found in most first floor windows, and also in bedroom doors on the second floor. The Parmele family lived there only about eight years before building again at 1004 N. Main Street. and the Harlem Blvd. house had several owners in ensuing years. The house still stands at the corner of Harlem Boulevard and Logan Street. picture circa 1902

George R. Atkinson, 1215 National Avenue. Merchant tailor, 304 S. Main Street,

John H. Sherratt, 1907 Harlem Avenue  President President Forest City Insurance Company and Third National Bank.

B. B. Treat 1512 Harlem Boulevard

William C. Loomis, 1820 Harlem Boulevard

H. Clarence Marsh, 1985 Harlem Avenue Manufacturer of mitering machines, 660 Race Street, water power.

Verner L. Page, 1619 Harlem Boulevard, Holm-Page Company, Building Contractors, contractors for the Coronado Theater, Swedish American Hospital, Manufacturers National Bank among many others.

*ohn H. Camlin, 1526 Harlem Avenue.  Owner John H. Camlin Company, Insurance Real Estate & Loans, Wm Brown Building, 224 South Main and Secretary  Rockford Home Telephone Company.

William A. Sussmilch, 1224 National Avenue. Secretary and Treasurer Fay Lewis & Bros. Company

Frederick  A. Smith, 1227 National Avenue. President Smith-Du Plain & Crumb Company which was a wholesale lumber and building supply company. Later president of Fred A. Smith Lumber Company with locations in several cities.

Henry S. Whipple, 1514 National Avenue.  Manager of the Rockford Gas Light & Coke Company.

National Avenue

Residence view of National Avenue

National Avenue

Charles S. Brantingham, 1201 National Avenue. Partner in the Emerson - Brantingham Agricultural Implement Company.

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